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Tips for shopping online without getting scammed

Tips for shopping online without getting scammed

We’re shopping online more than ever before. According to Forbes magazine, e-commerce transactions add up to an incredible one trillion dollars. And as more money moves around cyberspace, cyberfraud is increasing by the day.

Internet is pushing physical stores into extinction, but many Nigerians are falling victim to online shopping scams.

In this tech-savvy age, vendors are turning to social media and dot com platforms to market their products.

Offering delivery right to your doorstep can be convenient, but the downside is that some people take advantage of most people’s naivety and gullible nature to scam them for their money.

It is a major challenge, even buyers too are scamming, but if you take the following measures, you’ll be safe.

Here are some tips to help you avoid such unfortunate events.


  1. Use Strong Password: Shopping sites often ask for password at checkout. Using the same password over multiple accounts including financial account can be risky, password break-ins may hijack your account. So use password that are long and difficult to guess.
  2. Buy Only From Secured Sites: First off, make sure that the website you are shopping on has all the signs of being legitimate. The easiest is to check if the URL begins with an “https” because that means the website is a secured one. The “s” indicates an additional layer of security known as an SSL or Secured Socket Layer. If your e-commerce site doesn’t already have SSL implemented, you’re missing out on loads of cautious buyers.
  3. Use a modern browser and make sure it’s updated!

    When it comes to avoiding scams, a good updated browser gives you more security than an antivirus. Google Chrome, for example, is able to detect malicious pages, as can Internet Explorer 11 (SmartScreen) and Mozilla Firefox. If you’re using mobile applications to make your purchases, make sure they’re not fake apps. Finally, whenever possible, make sure that the page where you enter payment details has a lock symbol before the address (HTTPS) – this tells you that it’s safe.

  4. If payment on delivery is accepted, grab it.

    If an item will be delivered to your doorstep, there is really no reason for a social media vendor to demand you pay before delivery. But because buyers too defraud the vendors, some of them block payment on delivery. if your a verified buyer site like vigoomart.com will deliver to you without payment.

  5. Buyers Can Be Scammers, Too

    You should also be aware that sellers aren’t the least bit immune to online shopping scams. In auction sites such as eBay, you may encounter a buyer who pays for an item with a credit card or through Paypal, and then requests a charge back when the item has been delivered. Such buyers will usually claim your item is damaged, not as described, or that it never arrived. In Nigeria i have several cases of fraud when sellers are being physically harassed with armed men, or courier bikes hijacked. et.

    Reason why payment on delivery is not thriving in Nigeria.

    As a seller, always provide a complete description of the item, down to the last scratch and dent, and provide clear photographs. Use a shipper that will provide a tracking number and proof of delivery, and deliver only to the verified address. Never ship to an unconfirmed address or P.O. box as these are not covered under seller protection.

    There you have it: solid ways to avoid being cheated out of your hard-earned money when transacting online. Follow these rules and you will enjoy your online shopping experience.

    Have you ever been the victim of an online shopping scam? Share your experience in the comments, so no one else has to suffer the same fate.

  6. Inspect the product upon delivery

    When your product reaches you, make sure you inspect the product before the delivery man or woman leaves.

    You must make sure you are paying for exactly what you want in perfect condition. if not sign return form.

  7. In general, you should always look at the web address of the store you’re using. If it looks unusual or suspicious, don’t continue! Most browsers will give you extra information by clicking on the lock icon.

    List of Secured shopping site in Nigeria: www.jumia.com, konga.com, www.vigoomart.com, (No 3rd party shipment, so they are more secure. Others are Jiji.ng, olx.com etc (they offer classified, so shipment carried out by 3rd party and higher exposition to scarm). But follow my guide and you will be safe shopping.

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    very challenging trends for Africa. fast growing too

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